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Our Mission



VIBE 9 is a leading multicultural marketing firm that specializes in digital and video marketing. With over 15 years of expertise,  offer strategic branding, marketing mix and sales strategies.



We take care of your creative and strategic needs so you can focus on running your business at its full potential. We’re driven by technology as much as design and content to ensure we fulfill our key mission of helping our clients achieve their successful future. We’ve been helping companies develop and define their brands since 2010. The times may have changed, but our creativity certainly hasn't. The ability to Monetize your content is the new sales channel in 2022.


Formerly operating under our parent company Brand Nu Market Solutions, , until covid 19 impacted the way consumers shopped for goods an services online. Our former approach was focused in creating awareness of effective and affordable digital techniques. Based in consumer buyers journey we focused on creating campaign's to bring new business owners to doing business on digital platforms. 

Covid 19 created a new obstacle for digital marketers to overcome. Now with the introduction of multiple platforms, changing of Google analytics, along with an increase of web traffic. The increasing demand for a more strategic marketing strategy became obvious. We decided to partner with the leaders in software development  and transformed our image, and packaging to meet the new demand.  

We  understand the different ways to communicate with different cultures and communities. Enabling us to assist brands that desire to sell to multicultural audiences.  We specifically develop E-commerce sales strategies specifically designs to increase our customers online sales.

Our Service to you

The media landscape is changing quickly. You can no longer rely on traditional media or advertising channels, even your best customers are turning to the internet for answers. Vibe 9's digital marketing services drive customers directly to you at a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels. Find out how we make multicultural marketing easy and affordable.



Video Marketing

Digital Advertising

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