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In App- Video Purchasing

 Video marketing is a $135 Billion industry. A strong video marketing strategy has proven to increase sales.

Post COVID-19 competition has become fierce online. Brands are realizing they can not focus on increasing sales with just content alone. More web traffic crates challenges for digital marketers.  By creating strategies to target customers from touch point, In-app Video purchasing creates an real time transaction.


Our strategy helps clients identify video goals, target customers, creates a narrative and, stick to creatives. Thus saving time and creates a user friendly experience within the  "In-app Video" platform. It’s the perfect compliment to our omni channel approach. 


It benefits in saving time on manual tasks, segmenting  your audience and personalizes content. All designed to generate revenue via In-app Video.

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$199 activation fee

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Square Merchant account. 

*Monthly hosting & transaction fee will apply

PPV & Live Events

$500 Activation fee per

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$400 Activation fee per video 

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*Monthly hosting & transaction fee will apply

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