Businesses Know they NEED Good Reviews but Don’t Know Where To Start...,

Take just one Industry for instance.. Medical Offices – Dentists in specific, if you’re a local business  such as that dentists are offered a ton of options to help with their reviews/reputation .. Most of these High Priced Recurring Services offer a 3rd party site that collects reviews, but doesn’t truly help with the company’s Reputation and Ranking in Google (what the business really needs)..


Controlled “Review Funnel” to Ask, Remind and Guide customers through writing a review on the platform that matters most Google.. PLUS: You can Intercept and Privately Respond to unhappy customers Before they bad-mouth the business, while starting the nurturing process at the most important time – When the unhappy customer wants to be heard..

This  Service is  VITAL to ANY Business's Success !
Get More FIVE STAR Reviews for ANY Business with this Simple Service.

Perfect For…

  • Restaurants

  • Medical Offices (Dentists, etc)

  • Gyms and Fitness Facilities

  • Salons and Spas

  • Construction Companies

  • Car Dealers

  • Vacation and Resort Sites

  • Professionals

….and a lot more!

Get Immediate Notifications by Email
Easy to Brand with Any Business Logo
Add your Custom Text on Reception Page
Retain Comments & Emails in Dashboard
Easy to Use For Non-WP Sites as well
Dashboard Keeps Track of All Responses
Provide Customers a way to be heard by the any business..
Your Personalized Video can Guide and Nurture Reviews
You Can Monitor Business Reviews in Real Time
Create a Google Review Link for Any Business at All
Control Reviews Like a Boss



  • The Most Effective Way of Generating the Highest Reviews for Any company site in Google’s Business/Map listings..

  • So Effective at Generating Stellar Reviews It's Almost like Cheating - Plus it allows our Clients To Take Prompt Action When Customers Aren't Happy with Alerts from the Dashboard..

Here are the facts: If someone wants to say something bad about a business they’ll find a way.. But another fact stands as well, most will be happy sounding off to management and most will also be satisfied by a prompt response from the business.. In most cases unsatisfied customers/reviewers have no other outlet to be heard by the business (Until Now)!

What this service does is curb the unnecessary negative reviews (which turns out to be most of them) because there’s no other way to vent.. It’s a fact that a Business with out a plan to control their negative reviews will end up with more than a businesses that has a plan.. The idea here is to Protect the most vulnerable (and damaging) effects of negative reviews, and not to let those reviews damage the overall stature of a business in Google’s eyes (ie: Rankings).. Which could be detrimental to a local businesses..

Plus, it’s proven fact that the more direct attention a business can give to negative issues as they arise, the easier it will be to maintain a good business reputation. That’s exactly what this service does.

Works For ANY Business Website
Simple easy steps

We give you  a “review funnel” link to Put Anywhere on your (non-wp) site. Or  share it (as shown).

The functions take place on your site.

Sample: We simply Convert the link to a QR code easily with any website and any business to generate reviews.

We go to work Driving Reviews to Your  Review Link...

  • Email Links

  • Social Links

  • Text Links

  • QR Codes

  • Printable Handouts

…and a lot more! The sky is the limit with some creativity!

Benefits :

Increase New Revenue
Presenting Proven Powerful Influential Positive Reviews People Trust..

Maintain Current Customers/Revenue
Letting the Business Manage Any Issues when they First Occur (Nurturing unhappy customers is proven to work to Rectify Bad Experiences)

Boost SEO Ranking Benefits
Let Google Lead the Best Prospects to the Front Door of Any Business..

Site Engagement Benefits
Most sites still don’t provide away to comment on the customers experience

Reputation & Review management made easy. Another  "SmartR Digital" Service brought to you by Vibe 9