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Take control of your company's online reputation!


Reputation Wave will build a strong online reputation for your business. We track down positive reviews for your company and publish them for all of your potential customers to see. We send you an email every time you receive a new online review. We store all of your online reviews in one, easy to read location. This is how you take control of your online reputation.



Get more positive reviews
With Reputation Wave, we proactively reach out to your happy customers to get positive reviews for your business.
  • You provide a list of happy customers
  • We call and ask about their experience
  • Their comments are transcribed
  • It gets published in the form of an online review!                       
  • Get an email alert for every new review
  • Finally, a tool that will tell you every time your business gets a new online review. You receive an email the same day any new reviews are left for your business allowing you to respond and adapt quickly to continuously improve your company.
  • We store all of your reviews in a single location to help you identify trends and save time. An accurate archive of all of your online reviews is priceless in today's connected marketplace.Take control of your online reputation today!
  • Only $99/mo *

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