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 First came websites. Second came sales funnels. Third came mobile apps. And NOW, the next BIG thing in internet marketing is HERE 😲

Vibe 9 brings  you another SmartR Digital Product !
"The Amazing New Instant App Funnels w/ Superpowers That Are Breaking Sales Records Online"


...with just 1 scan of a QR code.


The  ability to INSTANTLY reach ALL customers at the

push of a button...


By sending Push Notifications through the app to  customer's phones like a text message...


To generate new sales on demand by promoting new special offers, events & discounts!

The Instant App Funnel" 

STEP 1: "The QR Smart Flyer"

First, we send your local business a special QR code to  print out and put in your store for  customers to scan w/ their phone to receive "New Daily Discounts and Special Offers".

STEP 2: The "Instant-App Landing Page"

After scanning the QR Code,  customer is taken to a special landing page that INSTANTLY downloads your  business to their mobile phone as an app!

Without the customers needing to go to the app store or install anything - because it's a special kind of "web-app" that works on ANY device!

STEP 3: "Push Notify Profits"

Now your local business  can INSTANTLY reach your customers and generate new sales on demand by sending Push Notifications about new special offers directly to their customer's phones - like a text message!

SHOCKING new study conducted by in 2021 reveals:

The Average Person Spends 5 HOURS PER DAY Staring At Their Mobile Phone!

 OWN "Digital Real Estate" On your Customer's Mobile Phones!

Meaning, business owners need to get THEIR business onto their customer's mobile phone as an app...


Right next to the other apps their customers are ALREADY spending most of their time on, EVERY single day!

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