Our Products

Vibe 9 is a digital marketing agency  established in 2010 in New Port Beach, CA with the goal of helping multicultural organizations increase  online presence through customized marketing tactics and techniques. Since our inception we've successfully helped 100's multicultural companies gain digital exposure and awareness. Through the years we have worked with trusted partners and created smartr platforms to keep up with increasing demand of new apps technology.

Full API integration

Our products fully integrate with websites, Landing pages, Push notifications, Social Media Sites to boost our clients online presence.

Merged audience

Our funnel camping landing pages gives our clients more leverage with AI technology. Our AI sales technology writes winning content designed to generate sales. Merges your message with your audience on multiple platforms. 

Smart Budgeting

Our customizable programs allow each an every business owner an opportunity to be heard. Pricing as low as $99 monthly. We're budget friendly.

Ads design templates

Our customizable ad templates allow you to Do-It-Yourself. Chose from our templates and  get started. Our customer service team is available 9am-6pm cst ready to lean a helping hand.

Efficient analytics 

Our digital app allows each customer to view analytics daily. No hassle, no waiting ,no guessing.

Digest e-mails

Our Email campaign system allows our clients to generate video emails with call to action button inside your video. This crates a direct to consumer shopping experience prompting impulse buying.